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Arugam Bay Heritage Tour | Discover the history and heritage of Arugam Bay with the best tour guides, with our Arugam Bay Heritage Tour. Call us today.

Sign up for our Arugam Bay Heritage Tour and uncover another facet of Arugam Bay apart from the beach and the surfing it’s known for. With a rich history that runs back to more than thousands of years, Arugam Bay and the nearby areas have much lesser known heritage with a high historical value – which we cover through this Arugam Bay Heritage Tour so you can experience the real essence and deep values of the area.

Starting with Muhudu Maha Viharaya in Pottuvil, this tour will show you the best historical attractions in the area. Known for its beautiful location and its historical value, Muhudu Maha Viharaya is an old Buddhist monastery built 2000 years ago, where you can see many ancient artefacts including statues, buildings and dagabos.

Next on the list is the Kudumbigala temple which was built in 246 BC, another ancient Buddhist temple where you can witness the old ruins of Buddha statue and dagabos. The main highlight of the place is the skeleton of a human, a Catholic who safeguarded the temple for almost twenty years to keep its historical artefacts preserved for the future generation until he died.

Then, this Arugam Bay Tour will take you to the Okanda Devalaya (a Hindu temple) to show you another side of the history of the area. The Hindu temple situated on a rock offers you breath-taking views of the surrounding along with the historical artefacts. Devoted to the Murugan, the devalaya is one of the prominent Hindu temples in the eastern coast.

Discover the magnificence of the heritage of the east coast with our Arugam Bay Heritage tour.


  • Mahulmaha vihara
  • Muthumaha vihara
  • Kudimbigala monesdty
  • Okhand hindu temple


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