Sri Lanka has a plethora of attractions for its visitors. This biodiverse tropical island is blessed with abundant wildlife, serene beaches, rainforests, and historical and ancient sites. If you look forward to encountering all of its beauty in one place, then Arugam Bay is one of the best places to try them all. Arugam Bay is a renowned destination for beach vacations on the East coast of Sri Lanka. A few years back, this pristine hamlet was a traditional fishing village that developed into a major tourist attraction after the end of the 30 years Sri Lankan civil war. For years, fishing has been the primary income source of the locals in this area. At present, it is mainly dominated by tourism. Although Arugam Bay is well-known for water sports, it also has other attractions such as; national parks, sandy beaches, temples and many more.


Whether you are visiting Sri Lanka for the first time or have travelled in the past, we can bring the best of it with our bespoke tours and services. We understand the hassle one must go through while travelling around a place they have never been to. So, leave it to us – We can arrange pick-ups and drop-offs from the Airport to Arugam Bay and vice versa.

If you are looking for a comfortable journey and avoid traffic, hiring a private vehicle is the best way to get to Arugam Bay. Our fleet encompasses an array of cars, vans and minibus for hire. Travellers may book one of them according to their passenger count, comfort and budget.

Usually, the shuttles leave from the designated pick-up point, Colombo Bandaranayake International Airport. Upon your arrival at the airport, you will meet our driver. He will warmly welcome you and direct you to the vehicle. From there, you will head to Arugam Bay. The drive usually takes 6 to 8 hours, depending on the traffic, weather conditions and your arrival time. Travel comfortably as you enjoy the scenic backdrops, rolling mountains, and lush green foliage.




We will drop you an email confirming the taxi details, taxi number, name of our representative and other necessary information before you arrive in Sri Lanka. Upon arrival at the airport, clear your luggage and look for our representative carrying a welcome signboard with your name on it. He will meet and greet you and take you to the vehicle. From there, you will leave for your destination.


Upon completing your stay and at the end of your vacation, we will pick you up from the location you are accommodating and drop you at the Colombo International Airport. Wishing you a safe journey!

We can also arrange transfers from and to (pick-up & drop) other destinations upon request.



    Our VIP transfers allow passengers to travel in maximum comfort and safety. Travellers have the freedom to rent a vehicle of their choice. Enjoy a blissful journey while seated in an air-conditioned vehicle. Our VIP transfers are escorted by a designated chauffeur. So, you may travel to your preferred destinations whenever time permits. The charges may vary depending on the season, the number of days, and the distance.



    Vans and minibuses are ideal for group travellers. As standard sedans and hatchbacks can accommodate about 3 passengers at a time, hiring a van or minibus is advisable for a comfortable and spacious journey. Van or minibus seating arrangements will be made according to the passenger counts as each vehicle has different seating plans. Each van can accommodate 6 pax, and the minibus can accommodate up to 15 pax on board at a time. Moreover, we offer Van or Minibus airport transfers for arrivals and departures.

    We have regular shuttles from the Airport to Arugam Bay and vice versa. Please let us know your tour plan in advance; we will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure a comfortable, spacious, safe journey.

    We can arrange special transfer options on request, including picking up from or dropping off at a specific location or multi-stop pick-up or drop-offs. We recommend reserving your van or minibus transfer in advance to avoid any inconvenience caused at the last moment.



    Hiring a private taxi is probably the best option if you are a solo traveller or a couple concerned about your privacy. Our private taxi fleet consists of hatchbacks, sedans and minivans. It is ideal for a small group of fewer than 4 people and those travelling from the airport to Arugam Bay or departing from Arugam Bay to the airport.

    If you would like to share your travel fare with other travellers, we can arrange a shared private taxi upon request. You will travel to Arugam Bay from the Colombo International Airport on a shared private cab. Please note since you will be travelling through a pre-scheduled route, multi-stop, pick-up and drop-off options will not be available in shared private taxi transfers.



    Your holiday in Arugam Bay would be incomplete without going on a wildlife safari. Natural wildlife habitats, national parks and historical sites make Arugam Bay a perfect safari destination. So, if your mood is not set to hit the beach, hop into a village safari or wildlife safari. Jeep safaris operate on particular dates and times according to the opening and closing times of Yala and Kumana national park. Our Yala safari and birdwatching safaris let visitors look closely at the animals in their natural habitats. An experienced tour guide or a driver will be accompanying you throughout the tour to assure your safety.

    We can also arrange sightseeing safaris during your holiday at Arugam Bay. We will assign jeeps depending on the number of passengers travelling – However, there should be a minimum of 2 persons for a jeep safari. During the village sightseeing safari, you will come across leading sites of the surfer’s paradise, including beaches, archaeological and historical sites, and temples. It is the best way to witness the attractions and highlights of Arugam Bay.

    Our Rates

    Our rates are affordable and competitive. We offer flat rates for all of our services, and we never charge any hidden fees.


    You can book a taxi with us online or by calling us. We accept all major credit cards.

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